Fifteen sharp entrepreneurs in the media industry listened, participated and grew when we asked Helle Rosendahl from Storytelling Akademiet to hold an exclusive webinar to expand upon her own personal story. Her many excellent examples and exercises gave our participants a lot to think about, and Helle’s positive energy was just what we needed!
Janne Aagaard
Projektleder på Business Makers, DMJX
Helle has been a huge help in our internal processes around the rebranding of a product. She has delivered sharp and incisive insights and helped us on our journey to create and coordinate a core narrative around our product. Helle has a great gift for getting to the heart of things, and it has been very valuable for us to have a guide who could take us all the way in there.
Louise Winther Høybye
Communications & Marketing Manager, Formpipe
Jeg er så glad for det arbejde, vi har lavet sammen! Jeg står langt stærkere i mit fundament efter din kyndige vejledning, men også med dine kompetente og kærlige indspark. Jeg glæder mig til at få det i spil på den nye hjemmeside og i vores kommunikative virke. Jeg ser frem til vores samarbejde fremover!
Abelone Tholstrup Stein
Stifter og direktør, Videnscentret Fertility Care
Helle is not merely a gifted storyteller. She is a storydoer, who constantly – both through her work and her personality – inspires others to unleash their stories and bring them home. Helle is a constant and energetic reminder of all the things that I can do and succeed in. It all starts with the right story. My story.
Laura Vilsbæk
Storytelling Akademiet samarbejder med FreeLiving
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